1915 Bosnia Registered 5h Mosque Stationery to Ankara

Code: B06334

Bosnia – Austrian Occupation: 1915 (11 June). 5 heller Mosque stationery card to Ankara, Turkey uprated with 30h Franz Joseph of 1912 issue for registration tied by Austrian Military Post SARAJEVO datestamps and red CHECKED – UBERPRUFT censor cachet as well as 30 June Galata transit and 4 July Angora 4 (A&P type 22, RR) arrival cds’s. Stamp smudged by ink from postman’s palm to confirm everything is OK and also just to show that the Bosnians were against the Franz Joseph and Austrian Monarchy. Lower left corner clipped but still rare commercial usage of 30h stamp.




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1 in stock

Angora 4 (A&P type 22, RR)