1916 Ottoman Lebanon Beirut Mawlawi Cover RR

Code: B06719

Ottoman Lebanon: 1916 (20 February). Cover with its contents to Istanbul franked with 20pa pictorial and 10pa war orphans tax overprinted stamp tied by Beyrut – Beyrouth 3 (A&P type 27, RR) bilingual datestamp and violet Mücahidin-i Mevleviyye Kumandanlığı (Mawlawi Warriors Command) negative seal. Reverse 26 February Constantinople machine cancel and 27 February Istanbul 1 arrival cds. Small tear on top left

Mevlevi or Mawlawi were the followers of Sufi Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. During First World War a Voluntary Regiment of 1026 attached to 4th Army at Syria.


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