1916 Turkey Registered to Spaho Bosnia

Code: B17086

Turkey: 1916 (6 August). Registered lettercard from a famous philatelist Ismail Hakki Okday addressed to Mehmed Spaho franked with 20pa war overprint, 10pa, 20pa and 2pi of National Fete overprinted stamps tied by TAKSIM (BEYOGLU) – TAXIM (PERA) (A&P type 2) datestamps, same day Istanbul transit cds, Istanbul 22 and Austrian Sarajevo Censor cachets. ex. Herry Schaefer.

Mehmed Spaho was a Bosniak politician and leader of the Yugoslav Muslim Organization. He was the first Bosnian politician in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. He was against the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina



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